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Best Ceiling Lights for Living Room Relaxation

In the present, houses that are new must be outfitted with ceiling lights because they are not just an illumination tool and serve as for a decorative function. The living room tends to install some high-end lighting fixtures. Many people want to know which kind of ceiling light currently has excellent quality and longevity. In response to these problems In this article, we will carry out a thorough analysis of the most important details! WhatLearn More

“From Metal to Glass: Material Analysis of Ceiling Lamp Components”

Many people are unaware of the various types of ceiling lamps and don’t know which is ideal for them. When they go to a lighting store the salesperson typically states what they will say. So, it is important to understand the basics of ceiling lamps before you buy, so that you can know yourself and the other person and purchase with confidence. Chenchen will show you in the present what a ceiling lamp is inLearn More

Top Ceiling Light Brands to Explore

Practical Q&A How to choose the color temperature and power of ceiling lights brands Answer: According to the mainstream rough estimate of 70-80lm/w light efficiency, follow the recommendations to meet the basic brightness of the home without pressure. Living Room:4-5W/square Meter Bedroom2-3w/square MeterRestaurant, kitchen: 5-6W/square meter In order to make the lighting effect more coordinated, it is recommended that the same type of lighting source in the same space use the same color temperature. ItLearn More

Tips for Choosing Ceiling Lights in Your New Home

You must use ceiling lights when decorating your new home. Otherwise, they will flash, flicker, and dazzle. In the past I did not care about the main light in my home. Either it was not bright enough, everything I saw was blurry and dark, and the clarity of the photos was not high, or it sucked in a basket of mosquitoes and became a “mosquito petri dish”, especially at home. A child’s eyesight decreased fromLearn More

Guide to Choosing an Eye-Protecting Ceiling Lamp

When it comes to choosing the lamps you will use for your kids, many of you will pick ceiling lamps that have cute and interesting appearances. These lamps cannot assure that your child’s eyesight is healthy. Children’s eyes are developing at this point, So, it is important to pay careful attention to the lamps which are used for learning lighting. The light source must meet the requirements of children. How do you choose an eye-protectingLearn More