Selecting and Installing LED Strip Lights for South African Homes

Is the choice of led strip lights south africa a problem that cannot be ignored in the home decor,

as it’s an enhancement of the ambience of your home since it adds a touch of elegance to the house. requires it to be a part of the makeup.

What are the best LED strip lights for South Africa? Lighting strip recommendations? How do I install light strip?

What is the cost of an meter light strip? And how do I set it up?

These are the questions that arise in your mind when choosing to purchase a light strip. This article can help you clear your concerns about your choice of light strips.

We’ll look at the size of light strips in order to aid you in selecting one that is right for you.

Hello, my name is Qing Qing Yulu, an entrepreneur in the lighting industry for the last ten years. I hope that through my simple words I can help anyone easily choose the lighting they love.

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Why should we buy light strips?

Let’s take a look at some photos first. We are able to see the effects caused by the light strips in the images.

Image 1: A light strip is placed over the ceiling for lighting the ceiling. Do you feel that the ceiling’s height of the entire living area is too high?

Figures 2 and 3 are examples of how light strips may be used to highlight lines and the warmth within a home.

When you see these beautiful light sources, do you would like to know the type of light strips they are? Don’t worry! I’ll tell you very slowly. . .

Well, I don’t need to explain the functions of lighting strips. You’ve already guessed. There are two of them:

Increase the atmosphere

Bring a sense to line!

  1. What are the common types of light strips on the market?
  2. Traditional light strip type – T5

Let me begin by telling you about the products that date back to early times.

As a veteran lighting professional I’m certain that some people I know haven’t experienced these products however, we have seen them.

These products aren’t necessarily good, but they’re in tune with the times.

There are changes in the requirements that are noticed.

The light produced by this type of T5 light tube LED is uniform and brighter when it’s installed in an open light trough.

The downside is that size of the lamp is fixe-d and requires careful calculation. Furthermore, it is possible to cast shadows at the joints.

  1. Light strip of traditional design of T4 lamp tube

This type of lamp is not a great option. The reason is that the earlier lamps were very traditional and have no longer been considered traditional lamps.

Read my previous pieces if you’re interested in the lamp strips.

This article discusses the conventional lighting sources in greater detail. It’s to notify everyone that T4 lamps are not available. !

3.Now well-known light strips —-soft light strips

Flexible light strips are divided into two types: high-voltage and low-voltage. We’ll talk about high-voltage strip first, followed by low-voltage strips.

3.1 High-volt light strip

This is mostly divided into the quantity of lamp beads. As you can see in the picture, some lamp beads are denser and some lamps are less dense.

The price reflects this. The strips are mostly used for indoor use.

Light strip 3.2 silicone

Silicone light strips are also known as light strips without shadows.

These light strips are mostly employed outdoors and provide the benefit of waterproofing.

Before we begin, let’s take an look at what it looks.

Scenarios used:

All high-voltage light strip lights need to be fitted with connectors for light strip lights.

How many of the specific light strip connectors will be needed?

You can ask your electrician or decorator on site and they will provide you with an idea of.

Low voltage strip light that is special light designed for the main light but without

4.1 Types of light strips with low voltage

Voltage points Low-voltage strips can be divided into 12-volt and 24-volt voltages. The voltage doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the light strip.

The number of lamp beads is 60 120, 240 and 60. The brighter the lamp, the more lamp beads there are.

Power Rating: 6.8W/meter, 10W/meter.

Light strips with low voltages must be equipp-ed with electronic ballasts.

The two primary kinds of ballasts include 24-volt and 12V. Most of the common ones are 12V.

4.2 Scenario Application o Low-voltage LED strip lights in South Africa

Cabinet’s applicability

The cabinet employs 6.8W-15W low-voltage LEDs with 12V voltage strips. They are made using bare version light strips + acrylic masks with aluminum.

Light strip 6W-15w 12V

Color temperature 3000K

Aluminum slot: 1.6*1.6cm

Note: Low-voltage lighting strips are bought with power supply. If the light strip has 12 voltage, then purchase an 12V power supply.

Separately, you can buy the aluminum trough.

however, the trough in the aluminum trough must be larger than the length of the light strip,

The light strip cannot be able to fit in the aluminium trough.

For instance, the width of the strip Xiao Ming buys is 0.8cm and a low-voltage 12V lamp using the belt is 6.8 milliwatts per square meter and I purchased 10 meters.

The power supply should be 12V.

the power is 6.8 Watts, 10 meters = 68W The power supply should be equipped with a 100-120W power supply

The size of aluminum you must buy is 1.5CM.

4.2.2 Application of suspended ceilings

The use of suspended ceilings focuses on the linear lights that have been very popular over the last two years, which are the combination of aluminum trough, acrylic mask + low-voltage light strip.

Let’s look at the case of pictures first to make it more intuitive.

The ceiling light is very simple. It eschews the traditional ceiling (spotlight and light strip slot) method and uses an LED to tackle the issue.

Magnetic track lights are a popular home ornament this year.

The most popular led strip lights in South Africa are linear light.

Designers, I highly recommend this kind of lamp due to its lines are more attractive and stylish.

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