Selecting Affordable and Quality Power Sockets

I have recommended several good quality and inexpensive power sockets for your for reference.

1.GN-B3440 Socket

GN-B3440 socket

Product Highlights

The diameter of the wire’s center is increased to 1.0 square millimeters: it conducts well, creates less heat, and can be able to carry a current of up to 5-8A and a power of around 1KW.

This product is a flame retardant when heated to high temperatures. The entire body has been made from flame retardant PP, which has completed the 750 degree glowing wire test.

“Upgraded” door that protects you for security: safety of 75N door, equivalent to the pressure generated by the 7.5KG weight, children will not slip and drop the jack.

The meshing technology uses made up of high-quality copper sheets, and strips made from copper, provides a structure that is elastic and has strong elastic propertiesand will not break even after 5,000 pull-and-plug operations.

Full length: 1.8M Maximum power: 2500W

2.J&S lighting GN-B2080

J&S lightingGN-B2080 socket

Highlights of the Product:

The socket is comparable in terms of quality to J&S Lighting GN B3440, and its length totals three meters. This cord is a good alternative if you’re looking for an extended cord.

3.GB1 track socket

GB1 track socket

Product Highlights:

  • Track socket and surface-mounted Bull.
  • The most sought-after kitchen or wall Its surface is anodized and sandblasted that can accommodate the requirements of a variety of electrical appliances and is easy to clean up after oil and wastewater splashes over and makes it safe to use.
  • No matter how many electrical appliances you have, one of them suffices to be the power track busduct, which is a conduit that delivers a power of 8000W MAX.
  • Plug and play: You are able to adapt to the changing needs of adapters for sockets, and you don’t have to worry about electrical power cords that are too short.
  • Turn the outer ring gently, without pulling out the plug. Elegant power-on/off switch: Turn the ring’s outer edge to the left by 18deg, to turn off power. The outer circle should be turned to the right by 18deg, to turn it on.
  • Use the hidden “zero-live wire” with confidence.
  • The ground wire in the 4.5mm-track groove is not conductive, so there is no chance of electroshock.
  • The gap is narrow enough to prevent foreign objects from being accidentally introduced.
  • Rated current 32A
  • Rated voltage: 250V
  • Rated carrying power: 8000WMAX

Fast charging multi-function socket 4.UU3653PD

UU3653 PDFast charging multi-function socket

Highlights from the Product

  • 65W high power, compact size High performance
  • Three ports are able to be simultaneously charged and provide a reliable battery for different gadgets
  • USB-C 65W MAX output: about 1.68 hours to fully charge MacBook Pro
  • Plugs for storage integrated are organized without interfering: using an integrated design that is three-dimensional 3 flat holes 2 USB C + 1 USB A can supply the power requirements of multiple devices at the same time
  • USB protection five-layer protection against overvoltage; Overcurrent Protection; Anti-Surge Protection Anti-Short Circuit Protection Anti-Static protection

The brands that are recommended above have a great reputation and are guaranteed. You are able to pick one or two that suit your preferences based on the items. Thanks!

I hope you are pleased with the power socket I suggest. Comment below with any questions about any of the products I recommend.

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