Installing Chinese Style Wall Lights with Precision

Many people today are wealthy and would like to make their homes more cozy and comfortable.

Many people who own villas want to add outdoor wall lights in their outdoor areas.

What is an outdoor wall light?

What is the best mounting height for outside wall lighting?

This article can be a useful source for anyone who isn’t sure about these two issues and would like to set up outside lights.

1, What is light fixtures for the outside?

Outdoor wall lamps are a type of wall lamp named afterits use outdoors.

Some products can be mounted on outdoor lamp columns walls.

When compared with indoor wall lights, outdoor wall lamps have better water resistance and are generally enclosed structures.

This can help to prolong the life of lamps for outdoor use in preventing them from becoming destroyed by rainwater.

The majority of outdoor wall lamps provide the following advantages:

Soft lighting generous stylish and practical, easy installation and powerful decorative properties.

To promote urban green lighting, for creating modern and elegant residential communities, and improving the quality of lighting in residential areas,

Wall lamps for outdoor use are vital lighting fixtures.

2. The installation of outdoor wall lamps:

Outdoor wall lamps are able to be placed on walls or columns.

When putting them on a brick wall wooden bricks (wooden wedges aren’t allowed to be used in place of wooden bricks) or other metal parts must be cleaned prior to wall construction.

When installing lighting fixtures,

The lamp stand needs to be connected to wooden bricks or to metal components.

The metal components should be inserted into the column, or clamped to the column.

The light fixture for outdoor use must be mounted directly on the metal elements.

The light fixture for the outdoor wall can have a height different on each side.

But the size of lights for outdoor use on the same wall should be shared.

The structure of outdoor wall lights should adapt to the environment of the place where it is installed.

It is recommended to go with a sealed switch.

In humid environments ceramic waterproof switches are advised due to the high frequency of exposure to sunlight and rain.

Outdoor wall lighting should be wired according to the type of switch you have chosen.

For wiring that is exposed, pull wire switches should be used. This is both economical and safe. Based on the wiring condition decide if concealed wiring is required.

For instance, embedded hidden keyboard switches can be used for wiring concealed inside walls.

Switches for wall lamps that are used outdoors should have a light and sensitive operation.

The actions of the organization must be implemented by shifting immediately.

Except for pull switches and double throw switches connections and disconnects of the contacts must be clearly indicated.

The pull wire of the outdoor wall lamp pull switch should be insulated rope

A minimum length of 1.5m is required.

The pull wire’s arrangement and pull ropes should not fail when applied at a pressure of 98N for a period of 1 minute. Outdoor wall light switches are generally installed near the doors or in other easily accessible places.

Outdoor wall lighting is a vital lighting fixtures in public spaces. They are a major factor in the evening.

If a designer design them correctly they also add beauty to the city during the day.

When social gatherings are held the lights on outdoor walls often fail and inflict injuries on individuals.

We must take care of public spaces because they help us live more comfortably. This article offers a thorough outline of the necessary information about outdoor wall lamps,

The installation of outdoor wall lighting and making your outdoor wall light more comfortable is simple.

it is best to carefully read the installation tips for outdoor wall lighting in this article.

The way to install LED wall lights

The first step is to select a wood stand (board) or lamp base based on the design and style of the lamp,

Set the lamp on top.

The margin left around should be uniform. Utilize a drill electric to make the holes to install the outlet and installation on the wood board.

The lamp head is pulled out of the hole on the wooden board through holes at the base of the plate.

Join it into the lamp head box on the wall, wrap it tightly and then slide the joint inside the box.

The wooden stand should be aligned with the wooden board to the lamp head box,

Secure it to the wall. You can make use of machine screws to fix the stand made of wood to the ears of the box. If the board is made from wood, you must make use of expansion tubes to secure the board.

Be sure that the lamp base or stand made of wood is straight and flat.

Use machine screws to fix the lamp to the stand made of wood (board) or lamp base, and finally to match the light bulb lamp shade or light bulb.

For outdoor wall lighting an adhesive pad that is waterproof is required to be placed between the lamp’s base plate or bracket and the wall,

A drainage hole must be drilled.

The glass cover of large lighting fixtures installed in important areas

should have measures to prevent it from breaking or splashing on the ground (except for design requirements).

A protective net made of nylon wire is often used.

The dimension of the mesh is determined by the situation.

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