Chandelier Lights Redefining Texture and Creativity


The Growing Vases Chandelier Lights is an original joint design by Nendo and LASVIT which not only captures the charm of the glass, but also the art of its design.

It also showcases the imagination of the designer.

This unique light fixture is made from Czech Bohemian style glass. The tube made of metal was left inside the glass bottle the craftsmen while they blew and pounded the bulb shape. After several modifications,

It eventually transformed into a flower branch that is abstract The vase-like bulbs that grow and bloom, growing into a lifelike glass forest.

The dreamy design, which is a mix of different styles, break bottlenecks and constrains of everyday life, and adds some fun to the interior.


Boris Klimek is the designer of Lollipop Lamps. His design style is both pragmatic and poetic. It aims to stimulate the imagination and emotions of the people.

He explored the possibilities of glass by studying its internal structure and color process. The Lollipop chandelier lights itself combines a metal bracket and an integrated light source.

The crystal clear appearance of the lollipop looks similar to snow and ice. Its candy-like hue makes people think of a candy lollipop. Fresh visual experience. The Lollipop lighting collection also includes table lamps, free-standing lamps, as well as pendant lamps.


The pendant combines the vibrant bohemian design glass blowing technology as well as RGB color mixing.

The lamp blends intothe surrounding space to reflect light and color levels.

The texture and refractions of light give a distinct feeling.

Crystal Rock Raw

Crystal stones will be found in the caves of the future as a symbol for the fusion of nature and man, reflection and light clarity, quality and transparency.

These features are integrated into a silex carving that is perfect for a minimalist look and more or less contemporary.

The many reflections, metamorphoses and luminescent effects attract viewers throughout the day and at night.

Globe Metro

For most Prague metro stations.

The glass blends convex and concave shapes and creates a unique visual puzzle. Dundera incorporates this visual element in his glass creations.

Furthermore, the 400mm-diameter balls that make up the chandeliers are madeof borosilicate glass, which is also covered in Iridescent metal. It comes in two different colors – blue and iris.


Moritz Waldemyer attempts to standardize the traditional chandelier design.

He developed hexagonal diamond-shaped blocks, which he then reassembled to “facets.

The chandelier may consist of just one piece or a number of smaller pieces to form the larger chandelier.

They are unique and recognizable because of their pure, regular and geometric shapes.

The source of light is located within the small chandelier The ‘facet’ is highly adaptable and scalable.

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