“Bright Ideas: Identifying the Best Spots for Installing Wall Lights in Your Home”

Lighting is one of the major functions of wall lighting, which serve as home decor. It also enhances the interior decoration effect.

Therefore, if installing wall lighting in a home, where is they suitable for installation?

Below, Xiaofan summarizes many practical memories of his family, which have been updated to be able to tell the world.


In general, a few wall lamps are positioned in the hallways of households for auxiliary lighting,

The height of wall lamps in these areas must be greater than the angle with where the eye is at.

Around the wall lamp, you can also put in some ornamental elements.

Placing an unassuming table beneath the lamp on the wall can create an even more noticeable impact.


Many people install wall lights by their beds, since bedrooms need additional lighting.

The role of wall lamps is crucial when you are on the bed reading or waking up at night.

It is recommended to pick wall lamps that can be adjusted headlamps, gentle lighting, and enough brightness to meet your requirements.

The wall lamps in the bedroom must be in line with the overall design, but they shouldn’t be too loud.

Avoid using exaggerated designs, such as animals with claws or teeth.


The installation of wall lamps in restaurants should be able create an effect of local lighting.

You can install wall lamps or chandeliers if the restaurant is big enough.

However, if the restaurant isn’t big enough and you feel that installing chandeliers

The space will appear cramped.

you might want to add one or two wall lamps to illuminate your wall.

It’s as if you’re in a fine dining It’s like being in a fine restaurant.

This is a luxurious area with a calming airy, warm atmosphere.

4.In front of the bathroom mirror

Wall lamps can also be placed in front of mirrors in bathrooms.

It is advisable to place the light directly over the mirror, with the downward facing side facing downwards.

In this way, the lighting effects will be enhanced.

The same design should be used for wall lamps like it is for showerheads and faucets. This will create an overall more appealing look.


Very few people have lighting fixtures on their balconies.

Wall lamps are only used on beautiful balconies especially during summer nights.

When two of the wall lights are turned on, the view outside is stunning.

The placement of the light fixture in the wall is vital.

But also, it needs to match and coordinate with the environment.

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